SSB GD Topics Group Discussion for Air Force Navy & Competitive Exams

Hello Aspirants, We are providing SSB GD Topics Group Discussion This is the Most Important Topic for the Competitive Exams SSB GD Group Discussion For Air Force Navy Army Bank Exams SSC Exams & Other Competitive Exams you can prepared these topics and crack you GD group Discussion easily The list of important topics will help the candidates appearing for NDA CDS SSB GD Topics Group Discussion Interviews We are guidance to you for Group Discussion Topics and best Ideas to help students preparing for GD, GD Tips, Best Important Group Discussion Topics SSB GD Topics Group Discussion you can prepared with us SSB GD Topics Group Discussion in hindi Free Exam Preparation & Get Free Online Study Material Download in English SSB Group Discussion And Interview Tips & Tricks in Hindi Indian Air force phase II 2 Preparation tips What is SRT – SAMPLE SITUATION REACTION TEST and how to learn about SRT Test Indian air force SRT Situation Reaction Test (Intermediate) Question In PDF Hindi & English

SSB GD Topics Group Discussion

SSB GD Topics Group Discussion

The following are the characteristics of personality :-

  • Physical appearance.
  • Mental ability
  • Adjustment (Social adjustment)
  • Stamina
  • Self Confidence
  • Courage
  • Define Your Hobby

Expected questions to be asked by the interviewer in Indian Navy :-

1. Meaning of your name
2. Question on your academic record.
3. Question on your local village or area
4. What do you do in free time?
5. Explain your two week point?
6. What are your two strong point?
7. Question related to your journey to the interview area
8. If your name conceded with the name of famous personality then you may be asked question about the particular person
9. GST – Issues related to Implementation
10. Corruption in India
11. Overpopulation
12. Lack of education
13. Weak laws
14. Change in mentality of common people
15. What is the major cause of poverty in India?

Most Important Topics to be Remembered

  • The most impression events of your life
  • The most exciting events of your life.
  • The most depressing event of your life.
  • Happiest moment your life.
  • How will you use the internet.
  • Role of Social Media in day-to-day life

Different Topics :-

  1. Why do you think you are better then other.
  2. They greatest achievement of your life.
  3. Whether you held any responsibility in your collage/school?
  4. which will you prefer, money or power?
  5. Name the place of interest you visite.
  6. How the internet affects common man’s life?
  7. It reduces efforts and time consumption
  8. Hacking can compromise confidential data
  9. It has emerged as a necessary evil
  10. Using social and Tele media to motivate the youth
  11. SC judgement on Right to Privacy and Future of Aadhaar
  12. Demonetization: Good or Bad
  13. What is the major cause of poverty in India.

Some Important Interview (Do’s and the Don’ts)

  • Do come prepared.
  • While coming and going, do not forget to give a firm handshake.
  • Do prepare answers to common interview questions.
  • Do your research about the company and the employer beforehand.
  • Do dress stylishly and meticulously.
  • Don’t let nerves paralyse you. Relax and act naturally.
  • Do breath deeply, relax the muscles of your face, and take the time to pause before the interview.
  • Don’t stress yourself out by dwelling on negative possibilities.
  • Don’t be brusque with the administrative staff. You need to impress every person you encounter at the company.
  • Do use language that is appropriate for the job environment and demonstrate your experience by using a bit of well-placed jargon.
  • Do follow up with a thank-you email, letting the interviewer know it was nice to meet them and that you look forward to hearing back soon.
  • Do not be disappointed if you do not answer any questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer to a question.
  • Do strike a power pose before you head to the interview. It will boost your endorphins and improve your confidence.
  • Do consider your career goals and clearly define your reasons for wanting the job.

(SRT) Situation Reaction Test

This test is conduct under Phychology Test. … SOME TYPICAL SITUATIONS WITH SUGGESTED ANSWER :-

Q.1. His sister’s marriage is fixed. His relative refused to give loan/money. He…
Ans. Raises money through the bank, performs the marriage, helps his parents and returns the loan through Equated Monthly Installments.

Q.2. Marriage of your sister is fixed. He is not granted leave due to Administrative Inspection. He…
Ans. Enquires welfare telephonically, assist by raising sufficient funds and send money through online transfer, request brothers, sisters and relatives to ensure that marriage ceremony is performed to the best of the ability. He will visit his sister on getting leave.

Q.3. Bharat Bandh is likely to be declared while you are on leave. Your leave is to be finished after two days of commencement of Bandh. He…
Ans. Get In touch with the unit telephonically, in view of Bharat Bandh, leaves his house in sufficient time so that he is not late for duty.

Q.4. In a train journey, at mid-night certain sound disturbed your sleep. On being woken up, you found someone trying to steal through the window. He…
Ans. Immediately get up. Raise alarm, catch the intruder by hand, pull the chain apprehend the culprit and handing over the police.

Q.5. He is going to attend an important meeting and he is already getting late. Suddenly the road is blocked due to traffic jam. He…
Ans. Gets down from the vehicle, runs the distance, clears the traffic jam, take alternative means of communication and attend the important meeting in time.

Q.6. You have to go for patrolling duty in field. Your driver is having high fever. He…
Ans. Give medication to the driver suffering from high fever, take to wheels and drive the vehicle personally and conduct the patrolling.

Q.7. You as a player of football team required to play the match. Suddenly, on the day of match you have high fever. But your team captain does not allow you to leave the game. He…
Ans. Take medication, lot of fluids, contribute his best to the team and maintains high moral sprits.

Q.8. You are required to go for patrolling at higher in high altitude area. You do not have coat parka. He…
Ans. Borrow from your friend, or use to jerseys underneath, make yourself comfortable and proceed for patrolling as per the laid down schedule.

Q.9. While returning to home after watching cinema at mid-night, you found two persons quarrelling on the way. He…
Ans. Intervene, try to find the reason of quarrel, settle the issue amicably and proceed to your destination.

Q.10. You are required to dig trenches, but your colleagues are not co-operating with you. He…
Ans. Motivate your colleagues, ensure they realize the essentials of digging trenches, and contribute effectively.

Q.11. While working in the kitchen garden, rain starts. He…
Ans. Enjoy the rain, complete the entire task because rain is essential for development of plants and flowers.

Q.12. He is assigned a difficult task which he has not done earlier. He…
Ans. Learns the task through his friends develops interest, complete the task to the best of his ability irrespective o f the results.

Q.13. As a secretary of Student Union of his college. He will do the following…
Ans. Ensure high standard of discipline, regular attendance by the students, respects the teachers and the colleagues, and help the staff in imparting best of education to the students in the college.

Q.14. Which returning from market, three persons with knife stop him and ask him to handover his valuable possessions. He…
Ans. Tries to give resistance, if not, telephonically gets in touch with police helpline, gives the general direction of the three persons and tries to help the police in nabbing the culprits.

Q.15. While patrolling at unit man gate, a terrorist fired at his leg and bleeding started badly and he is snatching his rifle. He…
Ans. Raise and alarm, use his weapon in self-defence, over power the terrorist, catch and nab him and hand him over the authorities.

Q.16. While on leave he heard radio and announcement about outbreak of WAR. He…
Ans. Immediately gets in touch with the unit, takes the train, reaches his regimental headquarters and performs his best in the war.

Q.17. In field area, he was short of manpower; one of his jawans asks for the leave on wrong excuse which he knows is false. He…
Ans. investigates the matter, if the excuse of the jawan is fabricated, takes disciplinary action against the person.

Q.18. He is already late to complete his task. His collegues refund to co-operate with him. He…
Ans. Learns more about the task from his sunordinates, complete the assigned task to the best of his ability.

Q.19. While returning from picnic, it starts getting dark and he has lost his way. He…
Ans. Tries to check his location with the help of the locals/direction finding through stars/prismatic compass and tries to re-locate his direction and join the group.

Q.20. When his Boss does not agree with his views. He…
Ans. Reviews his point more judicially and gives more convincing answers to his boss to satisfy him.

Q.21. He works hard because…
Ans. Believes in zero error syndrome, sustained effort and success in any field of work.

Q.22. he considers that the most important thing in the world is…
Ans. Develop professional competence honesty loyalty integrity and sustained effort.

Q.23. He receives an order from your CO to do certain work, but he feels that he CO’s approach is wrong. He…
Ans. Completes the assigned as given by the commanding officer and tries to convey his point of view politely if considered.

Q.24.While travelling in a train, he came to know that someone has picked his pocket. He…
Ans. Try to alert the people, carry out a surprise check of the people and lodge an FIR with the police boarding down the train.

Q.25. Due to financial difficulties, his parents find it difficult to give him fISrther education. He…
Ans. Take of part time job during day, continue his evening classes, give financial support to his parents and work towards his professional competence simultaneously.

Q.26. While he is waiting for a bus, an accident took place in front him. He…
Ans. Notes down the telephone no. Informs the police telephonically, arranges first aid medication and hospitalization of the deceased person and inform their relatives and friends.

Q.27. He went on a mountain expedition which was a failure and of your friends died in the attempt. He…
Ans. Learns to know the correct art of mountain expedition through sustained practical guidance and climbing operations and ensure success in the subsequent mountain expedition.

Q.28. He felt that the work he is presently engaged is useless. He…
Ans. Tries to develop interest in the job, take the job more seriously and enjoy the work.

Q.29. His friend lost his job and into financial difficulties. He…
Ans. Helps his friend to the best of his ability by giving financial and moral support and see that his friend recover from the loss.

Q.30. O finding that you are loosing the ground in a discussion with your opponent. He…
Ans. Gives his point of view with more logic and depth and convinces the group during the discussion.

Q.31. In his office staff is not working efficiently. He…
Ans. Motivates the staff by giving essentials of hard work, builds the staff both morally and socially and ensure that the staff working and efficiently.

Q.32. He finds a task which is difficult. He…
Ans. Tries to know more of the task through the colleagues and his subordinates, completes assigned task to the best of his knowledge and competence.

Q.33. His plan had failed in the very beginning. He…
Ans. Dies not get discouraged, make a detailed plan all over again and succeed in the mission.

Q.34. He is at home and dacoits have reached at his apartment and started looting. He…
Ans. Raises an alarm, informs police and seeks help through helpline, gives stiff resistance to the dacoits till such time the police arrives and apprehends the culprits.

Q.35. He is asked to organize a variety show in the aid of jawan Welfare in his unit. He…
Ans. Accepts the responsibility, makes a detailed programme of the variety entertainment show, carries out extensive rehearsals and ensures that the variety show I performed to the best.

Q.36. His Coy is camping in a jungle for training where shooting is prohibited. A leopard which may prove a dangerous is seen close to the camp as a sentry on duty. He…
Ans. Raises an alarm, lights marshals, makes drum beats, fire in the air to frighten the animal till such time they succeed in the mission.

Q.37. Emergency has declared in the city where his unit is located. He is the CO of the unit. He…
Ans. Alerts the unit, gives optimum support to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and discharges his duty as per the laid down customs and traditions of the army.

Q.38. Whenever he is required to take new step. He…
Ans. Goes more about details, makes extensive efforts, does lot of reading and takes the right step to succeed in the mission.

Q.39. While going to the office, he saw a man climbing on a house with the help of a rope. He…
Ans. Questioned the person of liming the house through the rope, if satisfied proceeds to the office if not take the required action to dissuade the person from making unaccepanle attempt of approaching the house through the rope.

Q.40. He has to take group of all India tour. He…
Ans. Accepted the responsibility. Conducted the group well and everybody enjoyed the tour in his command.

Q.41. He hears a cry of fire-fire from neighbouring house. He…
Ans. Immediately rushes to the neighbours house, attract attention of the people, and bring fire under control and takes collective action to beat back the fire.

Q.42. He had a minor scooter accident on his way to office in which his scooter got slightly damaged. He…
Ans. Did not worry about the accident, does introspection gets scooter fructified and became careful in future.

Q.43. He has lot his way in the jungle. He…
Ans. Try to find the north Direction, head towards the fire lane and get out of the jungle.

Q.44. While travelling in a train, he found that his ticket is lost. He…
Ans. Looks around and check all over again to trace the ticket, if not bring to the notice of the ticket collector and face the consequences.

Q.45. To check the growth of population, what will he suggest?
Ans. Make people aware about population control, importance of government policies and planning, small family norm and healthy living.

Q.46. Electric light of his neighbour has gone off. He…
Ans. Immediately goes to the rescue of his neighbour, carries out a detailed check and tried to rectify the fault, if the fault is major, lodge a report with authorities.

Q.47. He is travelling in a bus which suddenly caught fire. He…
Ans. Alerts the people, moves them out of bus, tries to extinguish the fire with the help of the passengers and locals, gets in touch with the police and the fire brigade, and bring fire under control.

Q.48. He is come to his home after meeting a friend. Suddenly he has been attacked by some miscreants with lathi. He…
Ans. Does not loose his cool, alerts the neighbours give tough resistance, get in touch with police and rey to apprehend the miscreants.

Q.49. He is passing by a lake, he notices a boy drowning in the water and he does not know swimming. He…
Ans. Gets into the water, raises alarm, rescues the boy, renders first aid medication and hospitalization and inform the parents and relatives.

Q.50. He is passing by a Railway line and saw that the fish plates have been removed. Only 15 minutes are left for the train to reach and the Station is 1.5 kms. away from the spot. He…
Ans. Immediately, run in the direction of the station, alerts the station master and helps to beat back the likely accident which would have resulted in casualties.

Q.51. He is going to attend the SSB. When the train moves, lady falls down on the platform. He…
Ans. Tries to pull the chain, help the falling lady with the help of co-passengers and reaches the destination

Q.52. He is on annual leave at his village. One day the dacoits started looting his village and also killed a villager. He…
Ans. Formed a group, gave a befitting fight to the dacoits, lodged an FIR, and helped the deceased family and ensured safety and security of the village.

Q.53. On his way, he saw a man suddenly falling down on the road. On reaching him he comes to know that he is heart patient. He…
Ans. Immediately took the person to hospital ensure his meditation called his related and them moved to his work.

Q.54. He is travelling in a train. At one of the stations he came down to buy some fruits and when he turned back, the train had already left. He…
Ans. Keep cool, take alternative train, face consequences, reach destination. Thereafter train, face consequences, reach destination. Thereafter does introspection to careful nest time in future.

Q.55. He has to organize a debate competition. He…
Ans. Checks the date, time, place, and venue, decide on the subject of discussion, participation by the teams of the various colleges and ensure success in the mission.

Q.56. He was the captain of the football team and the performance of the team was not up to the mark. He…
Ans. Does introspection, makes a strict routine, play friendly matches, motivate the team members and ensure success in subsequent matches.

Q.57. It was a desert area and he lost his way being away from the team members. He…
Ans. Checks the direction of the north with the help of stars, magnetic compass, uses map direction finding and hits the nearest place identified to the venue.

Q.58. He wants to join the Indian Army whereas his father wants him to become a software professional. He…
Ans. Convinces his father of his interest in joining the Armed Forces and satisfies his queries and ensures that he takes profession of his choice.

Q.59. His sister’s marriage is fixed but she is not happy to marry the person not being of her choosing. He…
Ans. Rationalizes the situation, speaks to his parents, convince them of his sister choice and marries her accordingly as per her wishes.

Q.60. He is the house captain and is required to make arrangements for entertainment program in the school. He…
Ans. Accepts the responsibility, works out the details, hunts the required talent, give extensive practice to the participants and ensure success.

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