Computer ( Important Point of MS-EXCEL)

A spreadsheet is a software tool that lets one enter, calculate, manipulate and analyze set of numbers.
A Worksheet is a grid of cells made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns.
A workbook is a group of worksheets.
Three types of data can be entered in a worksheet (i) number (ii) Text (iii) Formulas.
Cell can be referenced in three ways (i) relative (ii) absolute (iii) mixed
A cell can be edited either by overwriting or by partially modifying the cell contents.
A range can selected using mouse or keyboard.
A range can be either through copy and paste operations or by dragging the fill handle.
A range can be moved either through cut and paste operations or by dragging the range border.
A range can be cleared through Edit–Clear command.
To erase everything from a worksheet ,select all the cells in the worksheet and then use Edit—Clear—All.
To save a workbook use File- Save command.
To open a workbook use File—Open command.
To insert cells, rows or columns in worksheet, use Insert—Cells—-, Insert—–Rows or Insert—–Column command respectively.
General arrangement of data is known as formatting.
Formatting does not affect the actual cell value only the appearance change.
Formatting is performed in MS-Excel through options available in Format menu.
Charts are the pictorial representation of worksheet data.
Various chart types in MS- Excel are area chart, column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart,  XY(Scatter) chart.
Chart in MS-Excel saved in two ways : (i) embedded chart (ii) chart sheet
Embedded chart is a chart object that is placed on a worksheet and saved with that work sheet.
Chart sheet is a sheet in workbook that contains only a chart.
Charts are created using chart wizard.

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