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5 Most Important Words
Daily English Vocabulary set

1)- Akin (Adjective) – Similar Or Related (बराबर, समान)
Ex- Foxes Are Closely Akin To Dogs.
Synonyms – Affiliated, Related, Allied, Kindred, Etc.
Antonyms- Unrelated, Etc.

2- Spat (Verb)- To Argue Or Fight, To Have A Spat (कहा-सुनी, झगड़ना)
Ex- We Tend To Spat Over Money More Than Anything Else.
Synonyms – Dispute, Quarrel, Altercate, Brawl, Etc.
Antonyms- Cordial, Amicable Etc.

3- Erudite (Adjective)- Having Or Showing Knowledge That Is Learned By Studying. (विद्वत्तापूर्ण, ज्ञानी)
Ex- The Most Erudite People In Medical Research Attended The Conference.
Synonyms- Educated, Learned, Scholarly, Literate, Etc.
Antonyms- Dark, Ignorant, Unlearned, Uneducated, Etc.

4- Cliché (Noun)- Something That Is So Commonly Used In Books, Stories, Etc. That Is No longer effective.(चलन से बाहर हुआ मुहावरा, पिष्टोक्ति प्रयोग)
Ex- A Speech Filled With Clichés About “Finding Your Way” And “Keeping The Faith”
Synonyms- Banality, Bromide, Etc.

5- Nepotism (Noun)- The Unfair Practice By A Powerful Person Of Giving Jobs And Favors To Relatives. (कुनबापरस्ती, भाईभतीजावाद)
Ex- Nepotism Has Hurt The Company.
Synonyms- Preference, Bias, Inequity, Etc
Antonyms Fairness, Equity, Etc.

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