Important Vocab

1. DECIMATE (V/N)   बरबाद करना

  • to kill large numbers of animals, plants or people in a particular area
  • to severely damage something

Mind Tricks-

  • We killed large numbers of our Desi (hindi) mate(friend).
  • He Deceives his mate that severely damage his career.

 2. DELUGE (N/V)  मूसलधार बारिश

  • a sudden very heavy fall of rain (n)
  • to send or give somebody large number of things at the same time

Mind Tricks-

  • Daily huge fall of rain in our city.
  • DELL supplies a hUGE numbers of laptop.

 (N) [shi-key-nuh-ree ]   हेरा-फेरी,  टाल मटोल

  • the use of complicated plans and clever talk in order to trick people
  • the use of tricks to cheat people

Mind Tricks-

Chicanery looks like China and Nary (nary means to say “no”), China said nary on a Project of Japan that was believed to be Chicanery.

Chicanery sounds like Chikni naary (beautiful girl), Chikni Naary uses tricks to cheat people. (Hindi)

4. COAX  (N/V)     समझकर मनाना

  • to persuade somebody to do something by talking to them in a kind and gentle way (V)
  • a transmission line (N)

Mind Tricks-

Coax looks like Cow and Axe; Ramu gave Cow and Axe to persuade(Coax) Shyamu in the farming.

5.BAUBLE  (N)  [baw-buhl]

  • a piece of jewellery that is cheap and has little value
  • a cheap showy jewellery

Mind Tricks-

Bauble sounds like Babul(father in English); Babul gave Cheap jewellery(Bauble)  to his daughter.

6. Recuperative (Adj)  [स्वास्थ्य लाभ करनेवाला

  • having the effect of restoring health or strength.
  • It is beneficial for the patient’s family members to be present for discharge instructions to help with the patient’s continued recuperative needs

Mind Tricks-

Re+cuperative = अच्छा करनेवाला

7. connote    (V)  अतिरिक्त मतलाब रखना, भाव बतलाना

  • This word connotes a single letter or a word and also compound meanings.
  • However, that fact doesn’t connote sinister forces at work.

Mind Tricks-

In this Valentine most of The couples went to Connaught Place connote  their love ..

8 AMOROUS (Adj.) [am-er-uhs]   प्रेम सम्बन्धी

  • displaying love
  • showing sexual desire and love

Mind Tricks-

Amorous comes from Latin “Amor” means ‘love’.

Amorous sounds like Aamras (Mango juice), Now remember the aid of Slice by Katrina Kaif where Katrina acts amorously with the bottle of Aamras.(for Hindi Users)


  • lessen the dignity, authority and reputation
  • to express a negative opinion of

Mind Tricks-

Belittle from  be and little which means to lessen someone reputation.

10 BEDIZEN (V)   भड़कीले कपड़े पहनना

  • dress up garishly and tastelessly

Mind Tricks-

Bedizen- Bedi+zen, Monica Bedi comes in Zen car in a garsihly and tastelessly dressed.

Bedizen sounds like Be Dizzy(liable to falling), we would be dizzy when we see someone in a vulgar dress.



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