List of Games Cups and Trophies Related to the Various Sports

List Of Games Cups and Trophies Related to the various Sports name of All Games Cups and Trophies List 2020 List of cups and trophies associated with sports and games List of Important Games and Their Cups Trophies Related to the Various Sports List of All National and International Games and Their Trophies Important Information National & International Cups and Trophies 2020 All Sports Games Trophies & Cups Khel or Unse Sambandhit Cup and trophies

List of Games Cups and Trophies 2020

List of Games Cups and Trophies 2020

This is a list of All Important cups and Trophies Associated with sports and games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Polo, Golf, Tennis List of Important Games and their Cups Trophies in PDF Format Games and Their Cups Trophies in Hindi PDF Download Free Exam Preparation & Get Free Online Study Material download in Hindi खेल और उनसे सम्बंधित कप व ट्रॉफिस in PDF Sports And Games: Trophies And Cups

Latest Updated On 17/10/2020 : “We are providing The Important Games Cups and Trophies Related to the Various Sports & Games. So Include this List In Your Study Material and Make your Preparation Much Better.
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List of Games Cups and Trophies
Games    Cups & Trophies
  1. Agha khan Cup
  2. All-India Women’s Guru Nanak
  3. Championship
  4. Beighton Cup
  5. Bombay Gold Cup
  6. Dhyan Chand Trophy
  7. Essande Champions Cup
  8. Gurmeet Trophy
  9. Gura Nanak Cup
  10. Gyanuati Devi Trophy
  11. lndira Gold Cup
  12. Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy
  13. Lady Rattan Tata Trophy
  14. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup
  15. Murugappa Gold Cup
  16. Modi Gold Cup
  17. Nehru Trophy
  18. Obaid Ullah Gold Cup
  19. Rangaswami Cup
  20. Ranjit Singh Gold Cup
  21. Rene Frank Trophy
  22. Scindia Gold Cup
  23. Sahni Trophy
  24. Sindhia Gold cup
  25. Stanley Cup
  26. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
  27. Tommy Eman Gold Cup
  28. Wellington Cup
  29. World Cup
  1. Ashes
  2. Asia Cup
  3. Barcia Trophy
  4. Benson and Hedges
  5. C.K. Naidu Trophy
  6. Deodhar Trophy
  7. Duleep Trophy
  8. Gavaskar Border Trophy
  9. G.D. Birla Trophy
  10. Ghulam Ahmed Trophy : Cricket
  11. Gillette Cup
  12. ICC World Cup
  13. Irani Trophy
  14. Jawharlal Nehru Cup
  15. Moinuddaula Gold Cup
  16. Rani Jhansi Trophy
  17. Ranji Trophy
  18. Reliance Cup
  19. Rohinton Baria Trophy
  20. Rothmans Cup
  21. Sheesh Mahal Trophy
  22. Sahara Cup
  23. Sharjah Cup
  24. Singer Cup
  25. Titan Cup
  26. Vijay Hazare Trophy
  27. Vijay Merchant Trophy
  28. Wisden Trophy
  29. Wills Trophy
  1. Bandodkar Trophy
  2. B.C. Raj Trophy (National
  3. Championship)
  4. Chakoia Gold Trophy
  5. Confederation cup
  6. Colombo Cup
  7. DCM Trophy
  8. Durand Cup
  9. Dr. B. C. Roy Trophy
  10. European Champions Cup
  11. FIFA world Cup
  12. F. A. Cup
  13. IFA Shield
  14. Jules Rimet Trophy
  15. Kalinga Cup
  16. Merdeka Cup
  17. Nixan Gold Cup
  18. Raghbir Singh Memorial
  19. Rovers Cup
  20. Sanjay Gold Cup
  21. Santosh Trophy
  22. Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee
  23. Scissor Cup
  24. Subroto Cup
  25. Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy
  26. Todd Memorial Trophy
  27. UEFA Champions League
  28. Vittal Trophy
  1. European Cup
  2. Harilela Cup
  3. Ibrahim Rahimatillah Challenger Cup
  4. Konica Cup
  5. Sophia Cup
  6. Kitiakara Cup
  7. Malaysian Open
  8. Thomas Cup (Men)
  9. Uber Cup (Women)
  10. Agarwal Cup
  11. Chadha Cup
  12. Divan Cup
  13. Narang Cup
  14. Amrit Diwan Cup
  15. Asia Cup
Tennis (Lawn Tennis)
  1. Australian Open
  2. BNP Paribash
  3. Davis Cup
  4. Edgbaston Cup
  5. French Open
  6. Grand Prix
  7. Heineken Cup
  8. Rajendra Prasad Cup
  9. US Open
  10. U. Thant Cup
  11. Wimbledon
  12. Wightman Cup
Table Tennis
  1. Barna Bellack Cup
  2. Corbitton Cup (Women)
  3. Grand Prix
  4. Ramanujan Trophy
  5. Swaythling Cup (Men)
  6. Travancore Cup (women)
  1. Augusta Masters
  2. British Open
  3. Canada Cup
  4. Eisenhower Cup
  5. Ryder Cup
  6. US Maters
  7. Walker Cup
  1. Westchester Cup
  2. Ezra Cup
  3. Prithi Singh Cup
  4. Radha Mohan Cup
Horse Race
  1. Derby
  2. Grand National
Weight lifting
  1. World Cup
  2. Burdwan Trophy
  1. Wellington Trophy
Yacht Racing
  1. American Cup
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