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    Overpack Salvage Drum
    This product is applicable to temporary storage and transportation of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances), and widely applied in secondary packaging, transportation, transfer and spill handling, etc. It is manufactured by one-time rotational molding and can realize 100% spill protection. It also has good toughness. Polyethylene is resistant to UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals. The emergency treatment drum can be nested to reduce the storage space and transportation costs.
    Steel Dolly for Overpack Salvage Drum
    The 95Gal overpack salvage drum is slightly heavy in emergency treatment
    of chemical spill. In order to improve the mobility, the flexible sliding rails can
    be used. Two universal casters can be fixed at any time to prevent bounce in
    Note: It is recommended to apply the rails only to the drum with spill kits.
    95Gal-Drum Overpack Spill Kits
    With a variety of adsorption materials, help you respond quickly to unexpected incidents, and can isolate hazardous waste and contaminants with the spill drum to prevent secondary leakage hazard, which is suitable for large-scale spill.
    65-Gallon Wheeled Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum
    SYSBEL 65-Gallon Wheeled Poly-Overpack Salvage Drums are special containers which are suitable for temporary storage and transport of hazardous waste. Widely used in secondary packaging, transportation, emergency spill treatment to eliminate hazardous materials and secondary leakage occurs. Built-in wheels eliminate the need for a separate dolly or other transport; Help to provide you with the most effective and low cost safety solutions.
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