Logical Reasoning Quiz | Mental Ability Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Questions

Get 100% Latest Updated Logical Reasoning Quiz 2019 General Reasoning Questions Answers Download Daily Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning Quiz in Hindi Reasoning Ability Questions and Answers Quizzes General Ability Test and Reasoning Quiz in English which have more than Ten Thousand Objective Multiple Choice Questions Answer Quizzes Available with Detailed Solution This is Mainly for SSC UPSSSC IAS PCS IBPS SBI Banking Railway Bank Clerical CLAT MBA Entrance Exam State Police Exams and All Government / Competitive Pre and Mains Exam Preparation Students can Attempt Daily General Mental Ability And Logical Reasoning Quiz in Hindi Get Full PDF notes of Reasoning & Mental Ability Test Series Daily Latest Reasoning Multiple Objective Questions & General Reasoning Questions Of All Category Reasoning Multiple Objective Question Answers with Full Descriptive for All Upcoming Government Competitive Exams Preparation Get All Important Reasoning Good Quality Reasoning Mental Ability Quiz and Study Material Available in PDFs Reasoning Questions Answers in Objective Question Answers.रीजनिंग और तर्कशक्ति प्रश्नोत्तरी

Logical Reasoning Quiz

Logical Reasoning Quiz

Latest Updated on 03/05/2019


Here you can Attempt our All Exam Syllabus based Online Quizzes for All Competitive Exam Preparation Get All Category Mental Ability and Reasoning Questions Answers Quizzes in Bilingual

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  1. Coding-Decoding
  2. Puzzles-Quiz
  3. Blood Relationship
  4. Direction and Distance
  5. Statements and Arguments
  6. Order and Ranking
  7. Calendar
  8. Dice and Cubes

·• Coding Decoding :- Coding Decoding is simplest and scoring chapter of Reasoning. Whenever you face these type of easy questions never skip them.


Coding & Di-coding Quizzes
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·• Puzzles :-  Reasoning puzzles are all favorite and difficult logical questions in all public Competitive examinations. This puzzle challenges you to match the correct answers.


Puzzles Quizzes
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·• Blood Relationship :- In Blood Relation types of questions, normally two to three generation of a family is given and their names are given. We have to read the question and find the correct order of family.


Blood-Relationship Quizzes
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·• Direction and Time Distance :- Direction and Distance type questions check one’s sense of directions and ability to visualize. Questions with distances measured differently in ms, kms etc. while questions with directions tested your ability to resolve relative directions.


Direction And Distance Quizzes
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·• Statements and Arguments :- In these questions, a couple or more statements will be present. These statements will precede an equal or lesser number of arguments that we derive from these statements.


Statements and Arguments Quizzes
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·• Order and Ranking :- In Order and Ranking questions, position/rank of a person from left – right / top – bottom of a row/class is to be determined or rank/position is given and total no. of persons is to be calculated.


Order and Ranking Quizzes
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·• Calendar :- In these type of question we will know the calculation of calendar ,it consists of day,month and years question and also improve your ability to think more tricky.



Calendar Quizzes
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·• Dice and Cubes :- Dice and cubes questions hold a very special place in reasoning ability because these questions rely mainly on your intellectual and visualizing capacity.



Dice And Cubes Quizzes
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Note : Here you can Attempt Daily Reasoning Questions Answers Quiz and Get Daily General Ability Test and Reasoning Quizzes which have more than Ten Thousand Objective Multiple Choice Questions Answer Quizzes Available with Detailed Solution This is Mainly for SSC, UPSSSC, IAS PCS, IBPS, SBI, Banking, Railway, Bank Clerical, CLAT, MBA Entrance, All State Police Exams and All Government / Competitive Prelim and Mains Exam Preparation Students can Download Important General Reasoning Ability Notes in PDF Attempt Daily Special Reasoning Quiz and Get more score in your Exams

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