USE of ”used To”’

USED TO:    the use of “used to” is in the past habit and  past situation.

EXM:-  He used to study till 10 pm  वह शाम 10 बजे तक पढ़ाई किया करता था

Note :- But we cannot use (“use to ‘or’ uses to ) in the present routine action .

EXM:-  they use to play till 10 pm and then go to home (×)

                     Important:-      verb + used to के बाद   जो verb आएगी उसमे ing लगायेगे ये habitual action को दर्शाता है

EXM:-  I am used to getting up late in the morning .

EXM:-   he got used to driving on the right when he was in London.

Here “Am” is a verb and “used to” then “getting”

                   Verb/adjective/phrase  के बाद  to का प्रयोग होता है तो यहाँ to के बाद verb I का प्रयोग न होकर  verb+   ing प्रयोग    होता है

There are some adjectives and verbs

  • Be used to,  
  • accustomed to,
  • averse to ,
  • with a view to
  • addicted to ,
  • devoted to ,
  • in addition to ,
  • look forward to,
  • object to ,
  • owing to , 
  • given to,
  • taken to ,
  • prone to.

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