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“10 Most Important Words
  Daily English Vocabulary

1. Overwrought (अति उत्तेजित, आवेगशील, परेशान, घबराया हुआ, व्यग्र, etc)
Syn – affected, distracted, agitated, nervous, neurotic, frantic, etc.
Ant – unruffled, calm, cool, etc.

2. Pathetic (दीन, दयनीय, शोचनीय, भावात्मक, etc)
Syn – pitiable, rueful, deplorable, lamentable, distressing, miserable, etc.
Ant – cheerful, worthwhile, delightful, etc.

3. Pushy (अति महत्वकांक्षा, दस्तंदाज, etc)
Syn – audacious, brazen, cheeky, insolent, impertinent, sassy, etc.
Ant – unassuming, modest, quiet, etc.

4. Quack (शेखी, डींग, दंम्भी बोली, etc)
Syn – chartatan, fake, fraud, humbug, impostor, phony, etc.
Ant – genuine, original, real, etc.

5. Quieten (शान्त हो जाना, शिथिल पड़ना, etc)
Syn – hush, quiet, shush, shut up, silence, still, etc.
Ant – agitate, excite, ruffle, etc.

6. Exult (बहुत प्रसन्न होना, फुला न सामना, हर्षित, मग्न होना, etc)
Syn – judilate, triumph, delight, rejoice, crow, celebrate, etc.
Ant – grieve, mourn, bewail, etc.

7. Flabbergast (हक्का-बक्का होना, अचंभित कर देना, थुलथुल, नाजुक, कोमल, चिकना, etc)
Syn – boggle, dumbfound, floor, stagger, amaze, daze, etc.
Ant – expect, assure, repose, etc.

8. Interdict (निषेद, रोक-टोक, मना करना, नामंजूर करना, etc)
Syn – debar, enjoin, forbid, inhibit, proscribe, taboo, etc.
Ant – deter, allow, authorize, etc.

9. Ken (ज्ञान, दृष्टि, पहचान, जानना, समझना, अपेक्षा, etc)
Syn – apprehend, grasp, perceive, conceive, fathom, behold, etc.
Ant – overlook, misinterpret, misunderstand, etc.

10. Kibitz (संकेत/आदेश/निर्देश/शिक्षा/सूचना देना, बताना, समझाना, सीखना, etc)
Syn – instruct, opine, suggest, direct, counsel, commend, etc.
Ant – delude, pretend, trick, etc.

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